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Spare parts service - Repair service

You can order spare parts for your chamber filter press and dewatering plant.
Our specialists can provide you the relevant parts and the elaborate renovation and repair kits.

We supply spare parts and repair kits for your chamber filter press from our extensive stock.
Special designs of spare parts for fitler presses almost all manufacturer, we can produce according to drawings and customer specifications.

Service and Maintenance Work

Regular services and maintenance work is essential for a long lifetime and service life of your chamber filter press. We develop a maintenance schedule according to your own special requirements which guarantees an improvement of solids content and pressing time.

Depending on the filter media and throughout, the chamber filter presses, chamber filter plates, filtrate channels and cloths are heavily soiled which can lead to so-called differential pressures and cause damages to the chamber filter plates. Only a regualr and professional cleaning can prevent this and leads to optimum performance.

Our extensive spare part storage guaranteed rapid availability of spare parts in original equipment manufacturer (OEM) quality for chamber filter presses of almost all brands.

95% of all spare and/or wear parts are available without waiting or within 24 hours!

  • Running gears, Plate conveyance
  • Chamber Filter Plates made of Polypropylene (PP) or Cast
  • Membrane Plates and Mix Packages
  • Filtercloths
  • Hydraulic Components / Sealing Kits
  • Flocculants
  • Custom-made Spare Parts and Conversions of all Brands e.g.. Rittershaus & Blecher, Passavant, MSE, von Roll, Schenk, Kübler, Diemme, etc.
  • Production of Hydraulic Cylinders and Filter Press Frame Components is possible at any time.

Our qualified and spezialized staff is extremely well acquainted with the procedure so that maintenance breaks can be kept at a minimum.


Our range of services:

  • Service and Maintenance Work
  • Extensive Consultation
  • Large Rental Park
  • Dismantling of Machines and Plants
  • Hydraulic Systems Components/ Sealing Kits
  • Trained, Specialized Staff
  • And much more - talk to us !
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