Remediation Technologies

REWA-Group realizes the complete projecting of soil and groundwater remediation. Starting with a thorough examination and evaluation of the contaminated sites, the selection of the right remediation method and possible alternatives, up to the installation of the needed remediation plant and ongoing servicing with accompanying analytics.

The whole process is being recorded through reports, analysis reports, plant descriptions, plans and site maps. Running parallel to this monitoring, all required official submissions, meetings and requirement controls are performed in cooperation with our clients and affected parties.

Excavation activities bring up contaminated soil. After a detailed evaluation in our laboratory, we develop a remediation concept. Projects will be supervised by corresponding branch and on-site employees.

Next to remediation technologies, we have a widespread network of different recycling parts at our disposal. This allows us to dispose sewage sludge from municipals and industry, used chemicals, production backlog and other problematic substances.

To remediate contaminated sites, we offer chemical-physical processes, conventional microbiologically soil remediation as well as in-situ remediation technologies and also other innovative remediation methods for the decontamination of soils and ground water.

Projects will be supervised by the corresponding branch and on-site employees.

We are your professional contact for treatments and handlings of cases of remediation of contaminated sited:

  • Exploration + Examination
  • Evaluation
  • Remediation
  • Recycling + Utilization

Our range of services includes:

  • Exploration + Examination of Conatmination + Waste Deposit Sites and Abandoned Landfills
  • Sampling and Pollutant Analysis
  • Evaluation of Toxic Waste and Contaminated Sites
  • Development of Remediation Concepts
  • Land-Recycling
  • Disposal and Recycling Management
  • Remediation of Contaminated Sites
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