Filtration Accessories and Spare Parts

REWA-Group can offer you the most extensice range of filter elements and accessories as well as spare parts in this industry sector. We handle almost all Filter Press Brands like Rittershaus & Blecher, Netzsch, Hoesch, Passavant, von Roll, Schenk and any more. New and also used spare parts are in original equipment manufacturer (OEM) quality.

Our  extensive stock of spare parts does not only provide parts subject to wear and spare parts for filter presses, but it also supplies the complete filtration technology like pump solutions, centrifuges / decanters, agitators, conveyors etc. We make sure your plants get back to work as fast as possible. Nothing is more expensive than an unscheduled downtime.

More accessories and custom-made products are also offered, e.g.: Spigots, grommets, handles, cloth dogs, cake scrapers, storages, automatic plate conveyance, running gears, profile rails, filter plate guidance, transport carriages, light barriers, safety grilles, feeding devices, service platforms, conveyor systems, automatic filter cloth washing plants, hydraulic power units etc.


Our extensive spare part storage guaranteed rapid availability of spare parts in original equipment manufacturer (OEM) quality for chamber filter presses of almost all brands.

95% of all spare and/or wear parts are available without waiting or within 24 hours !

  • Running gears, Plate conveyance
  • Chamber Filter Plates made of Polypropylene (PP) or Cast
  • Membrane Plates and Mix Packages
  • Filtercloths
  • Hydraulic Components / Sealing Kits
  • Flocculants
  • Custom-made Spare Parts and Conversions of all Brands e.g.. Rittershaus & Blecher, Passavant, MSE, von Roll, Schenk, Kübler, Diemme, etc.
  • Production of Hydraulic Cylinders and Filter Press Frame Components is possible at any time


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