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Chamber Filter Press , used 2970 dm³

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Rittershaus & Blecher / R&B AEHIS 1200 /90

Article no.: RE-HU-2013-0511-1-e

System: used chamber filter press
Design: head bar
Size of plate: 1200 x 1200 mm
Number of chambers: 90
Cake thickness: 30 mm
Filterplates: Polypropylene
Filter cloths: as an option
Outlet: closed
Filter surface: approx. 216 m²
Volume of filtercake: approx. 2970 dm³
Working length: approx. 5100 mm
Filter pressure: 15 bar
Closing pressure: Min. 380 bar, max. 410 bar
Plate closure: electro hydraulic
Plate transport: automatic
Dimensions: LxBxH approx. 10050 x 2200 x 3090 mm
Control cabinet: yes
Pumps: as an option
Accessories: pneumatically movable drip tray as an option
Safety device: light curtain, safety guard as an option
Special services: Refurbished service to customer optional. The system goes through a pre-delivery service check or a complete overhaul.
Rent or Buy: Machine can be inspected at our factory

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