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Decanter / centrifuge , used, mobile container unit

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Decanter Flottweg Z53-4/454

Article no.: RE-HU-2019-2401-DK29e

System: Used decanter horizontally - full coat screw centrifuge
Manufacturer: Flottweg AG
Model: full coat screw centrifuge
Execution: as mobile container complex drainage systems
Type: Z53-4/454 HTS
Main drive (drum): 55kW via frequency converter
PTO (snail): Hybrid drive 15 kW hydraulic drive and slip motor Rotodiff 1080 by replacement
Drum inner diameter: 529 mm
Year of construction: 1997
Speed drum: Max-3100 RPM
Spin number: approx. 2900 g
Differential speed of the screw: 1-10 U/min
Weir diameter: 340 mm adjustable
Throughput TS: Max 1.5 t TS/h
Hydraulic flow: Max 35 m3/h
TS content: approx. 28 Ma % at 50% GM
Dimensions: Type container bridge system for overseas container 30 "
Length: 9125 mm
Width: 2438 mm
Height: 2591 mm
Level height on posts about GOK: H 950 mm
Water connection: C-Storz coupling
Flocculant plant: Indag FloMix 345
Sludge feed pump: Yes
Trough screw conveyor: 2300 mm, length of statement height adjustable by chain tension device
Other: the sludge dewatering plant was built as a full mobile container transport unit. General overhauls were carried by Flottweg.

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