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with dosing appliance, used

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Benson Batching Tank

Machine: Used Benson Batching Tank
Year of manufacturer: 1993
the plant consist of: Batching tank (passable) with agitator and fill level measuring. Dosing appliance for liquid medium with fill level measuring and motor ball valve
Appliance: for dry dosing and dosing screw
Control cabinet: yes
Main Tank: Manufacturer Benson
Volume: 6 m3
Form: cylindrical with V-bottom standing on stilts
Hight with stilts: 2600 mm
Diameter: DN2300
Material: Stainless steel VA
Other: passable
Connection to Dosing Appliance: In topsoil flange
Nominal size: DN50
Position: 0° (360°)
Connection over motor ball valve :
Main Tank - Agitator: Manufacturer Geppert Rührtechnik GmbH
Typ: GRF 87/3,0
Speed: 87 min-1
Torque: 841 Nm
Drive engine: Manufacturer Getriebebau Nord
Typ: SK100L/40
Performance: 3 kW


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