Good-bye Drilling Tower...
the green grass close to the forest shines bright in a beautiful green. A picture-perfect idyll. It is almost impossible to imagine that up until a few years, oil or gas was being produced right a here at this same place. But this completely vanished - thanks to REWA-Group.
An area of responsibility which became more and more important for REWA-Group during the last years. Necessary dismantling and recultivation measures are being performed in close agreement and collaboration with the operating company and supervisory authorities. Nowadays the process is routine. All conveyor systems are being dismantled and all installed pipes and cables removed. The drill hole itself is being filled up with cement up until about a meter underneath the surface, cut off and sealed up with a thick concrete slab.

In the meantime, we analyse of the soil and the sludge pits were polluted through hydrocarbons, heavy metals or other substances.In case the concentration exceeds certain limits, soil and sludge pits are being treated and prepared (biologically, thermally, hydraulically). However, the protection of the landfill is a top priority. REWA-Group possesses a variety of drainage, conditioning and thermal treatment plants with guarantee highest remediation targets and reduce the waste disposal as much as possible. At last, the complete operation site including the drilling hole is being covered with topsoil.

When all procedures are done, the averagely 1,500m² big area is handed back to the owner. The ground is fully utilizable again. In most cases, the recultivation goal is mixed farming.

Every companies in the extraction industry are legally oblygated after support has ended to recultivate the area.