Soil Washing

Extraktive Methods (chemical/ physical treatment))
Decontamination of Soil Material. Separation of polluted Soils.
The contaminated excavated material is being treated in a soil washing plant. The soil washing carries out a process which is made up of several individual steps (classification & grading process, mixing operations and washing procedure).
The separation of polluted soils is usually done with the help of water (other ingredients as needed) and supported by a mechanical energy input (stirring, shearing, bulging, high pressure).
The process water is being prepared and guided in a circle if possible. The polluted material with its fine fraction stays behind and forms sludge, which then needs to undergo further processes. The cleaned soil is being recycled as much as possible.

Soil treatment can be done in a mobile plant which is installed on-site for the time of the remedial action or alternatively of-site in a stationary plant.