Tunnelling and Specialised Civil Engineering

Professional Dewatering in Tunnelling and Specialised Civil Engineering
Ever since the dawn of mankind, tunnel construction counts to the most fascinating tasks in the building industry. REWA-Group has taken up all challenges in the field of professional dewatering and made it a personal task to provide perfect guidance to projects and clients in this very special and difficult segment.
For the difficulties which come along with tunnel and deep drilling – the need to handle the upcoming amount of sludge and water - REWA-Group provide the ideal solutions.

Stationary and Mobile Plants
By provisioning every kind of machine type, it is possible for us to act flexible, prompt and according to your specific situation.We can offer you stationary plants for long term drillings. Mobile and semi-mobile chamber filter presses can be operated more flexible and are ready on demand. Depending on the progress of the construction works, the needed equipment can immediately provided and delivered to the construction site - easily using one of our fleet of vehicles. We place the needed drainage plants right where you need them and where the construction progress requires them.


Escpecially for filtration plants working in tunnelling and specialised civil engineering, we have developed close connections to experts:

During this teamwork, filter cloths particularly suited for suspensions in tunnel constructions and deep drillings were developed and produced. Highest efficiency during the solid-liquid seperation of tunnel construction suspensions / sludge can thus be guaranteed.

In close collaboration with our pump experts and technicians a chamber filter press feeding pump was developed, which can separate mineral sludge with a high amount of fine particles - also called silt - from solid content in up to 80m³/h. The results are: a filter cake with the highest solids content and a filtrate with a maximum separation efficiency.

The high pressure pump technology we use allows lending out sludge with mineral contents over a distance of about 1000 m and 100 m in height.

You also meet us way down !
Sludge treatment in tunnelling and specialised civil engineering.

REWA-Group offer highly efficient system solution. Make use of our experience and take advantage of our know-how! 

  • Stationary Chamber Filter Presses
  • Mobile Chamber Filter Presses
  • Semi-mobile Chamber Filter Presses
  • Centrifuges / Decanters from Flottweg, Hiller, KHD
  • Delivery of flocculating agents (FHM)
  • Pumps, high pressure membrane pumps / Abel Membrane Pumps Specialist