Mobile Sludge Dewatering

30 years of REWA Mobile Sludge Dewatering
Complex and Innovative Solutions concerning sludge

We are your first contact partner for the complete range of sludge treatment and product filtration. Next to the pure sludge dewatering service, we offer you every important service you need: analysis, consulting, salvage methods and drainage technology, immobilization, loading and transport, utilization of the filter cake as well as repair and maintenance.

Sludge – there are differences...
A long experience and teams of experts in the field of wastewater, drainage and pumping technology always supply – even for the most difficult demands – a perfect solution. Because of our extensive equipment we have the fitting technology for every operation and the necessary know-how.

Amongst other, we dewatering the following sludge:
  • Municipal and industrial wastewater sludge
  • Oil sludge from tank cleanings
  • Sludge from rainwater retention reservoirs
  • Liquid manure dewatering from factory farming
  • Mineral sludge from tunneling and special civil engineering
  • Sediment dewatering from water purification and treatment

Drainage systems are fast and flexible applicable in sludge dewatering operations
REWA-Group is your partner for drainage systems – rented of periodically requested, optionally with or without our experienced staff. Sale and trading of stationary equipment, plants and machinery and a more extensive service are of course part of our range of services.
To achieve the highest dewatering degrees possible, we work with up-to-date high performance decanters, REWA Chamber Filter Presses and REWA Piston Membrane Pumps.
A large range of additional equipment like high density solids pumps, polymer dissolving stations, storage tanks and mixing plants are ready for your use. For construction sites, where no sufficient power supply is available, we offer you mobile emergency power generators.

Areas, fields and tasks in which REWA Mobile Sludge Drainage is active:
  • Sewage sludge dewatering
  • Cleaning of backwash basins
  • Paint and Lacquer sludge
  • Industrial sludge ( e.g. Gravel plant, steelwork, paper factory etc.)
  • Clearance of sludge storages
  • Water purification and treatment
  • Clearance of digestion towers
  • Filtration of specialist tunneling segment and special civil engineering
  • Dehydration of iron hydroxide sludge
  • Sedimentation pond at a Steelwork
  • Sludge ponds
  • and many others...   
The Chamber Filter Presses and Decanters for the processes of
  • High-efficient dewatering
  • Pre-dewatering
  • 3-Phase separation

Can be deployed in a mobile, semi-mobile or stationary way.