Watermaster Classic

Watermaster Classic – the Intelligent Solution for Difficult Operations

Efficient and customized solutions for all different kind of operations !

The eco-friendly floating dredger Watermaster Classic provides manifold and efficient solutions for all different kind of operations and services, e.g. in indsutrial basins, rivers, lakes and ponds, shorelines, watersides and nature reserves.

Thanks to fully developed and well-engineered technology of the Watermaster, e.g. Bird sanctuaries can be improved effectively and in an environmentally friendly way. Because of the fact that it has its own drive, Watermaster Classic can move to the site of operation without any external machine or auxiliary equipment.

Watermaster Technology - Manifold, Cost-Saving, Eco-Friendly 

Watermaster Classic is able - depending on the requirements - to work either with a backhoe dredging with a backhoe bucket or with a rake. It can remove floating or rooted vegetation, harmful stones and as well as trash from the botton. With the help of the backhoe equipment, it can build discharge areas for suction dredging, when they are located near the shore. Also, the bottom needs often to be cleaned by backhoes work before the pumping.
By suction dredging, Watermaster Classic can pump the soil through a pipeline to a discharge area, which can be located up to one and a half kilometres away. In this process, the soil is mixed with large amounts of water, 80-90 % of the total volume. At the arrival in the discharge area, the solid substances are separated from the water. This is why suction dredging requires careful planning of the complete process, starting from the actual pumping work at the site to the separation of solids and removal of clean water after the separation process.
With Watermaster technology, it is possible to drive piles from the water. This protects the shores and enables pile driving at a considerable distance from the shore.
Watermaster Classic is an excellent solution for accurate dredging. It can remove an exact layer of sediment from the bottom. Its excellent moving and anchorage capabilities enable efficient dredging in places where dredging has to be done in several different areas of the river. This is only possible beacause Watermaster Classic does not need external help to move from one place to another. Precision dredging is especially needed when exact hydrometical modeling has been done. Water Classic ensures the right results which are effective and long lasting.

After thorough and detailed planning, Watermaster technology provides a perfect solution for challenging shaping of the environment. Before the rehabilitation process starts, detailed plans should always be prepared. Of course, REWA-group will allways be on your side with its rich experiences regarding operations and services of Watermaster Technologies. A first important step for a project is to analyze exactly which participants are being involved and which permissions are necessary. A thorough concept allows an effective performance of the project with a high-quality result.

Ideal applications for our Watermaster multipurpose dredger:
  • Suction and backhoe dredging in rivers, canals, harbours, lakes and costal waters
  • Dredging in areas, where there is water traffic
  • Dredging in places where it is difficult or impossible to work with other machinery (wetlands, shallow waters, shorelines, industrial pools, under bridges, in tunnels etc.)
  • Where versatile dredger is needed, which can both pump and excavate
  • Where it is not feasible to mobilize several one-purpose machines (cutter suction dredger, backhoe dredger, tugboat, assemly cranes)
  • Where pile driving in water or on the shoreline is needed
  • Where vegetation disturbs conventional dredgers
  • Where vegetation has to be removed
  • Environmental dredging


  • Rivers, Canals, Lakes and Costal Waters
    When maintaining rivers and canals, Watermaster Classics excellent moving capabilities and versatile tools are of orime importance
  • Shorelines and Channel Passage
    Watermaster Classic can deepen, build and clean out the watercourses, and it can also reconstruct shorelines and build quays. With this multipurpose technology the right solution for various problems can be chosen, so that the work is done cost effectively and properly.
  • Nature Reserves and Bird Sanctuaries
    With Watermaster technology e.g. Bird sanctuaries can be improved effectively and in an eco-friendly way. Because the improvement can be done by using just one machine the harmony of the reserve is not excessively disturbed. Watermaster's excellent moving capabilities ensure that the work is done in the right place and the right way. By dredging the exact amount from the defined place, a sufficient flow of water and control of overgrowth is secured as well as the wellbeing of the fish population and other inhabitants.
  • Industrial Pools and Civil Engineering
    Maintenance of industrial pools is easily done by making use of Watermaster's suction dredging capabilities and independent moving capabilities. civil engineering jobs in water are also very typical for Watermaster Classic
  • Flood Control
    Watermaster Classic can move on work in extreme conditions
  • Removing Vegetation
    Floating, rooted vegetation and a muddy bottom can be effectively cleaned by using the rake. Loading can be done e.g. Either on to barges or on to a nearby-shore. Vegetation can also be drained with the help of pump buckets.