Water Purification

Remediation and Restoration of Water Bodies - 
From Diagnosis to Therapy!

Your lake needs a therapy ?
The "lake therapy" is a method to reduce eutrophication. The reason for eutrophication lies in nutrient inputs, especially the insertion of phosphorus. Consequences of eutrophication are manifold: algal growth (algal bloom), oxygen reduction, dying of many living organisms in the water. An increase of sludge formation in not moving surface waters and backed up flowing waters is a result of silting up and eutrophication. Mainly eutrophication does not only lead to ecological problems but also the economic and tourist use are often very limited.

We offer you highly efficient solutions with respect to the whole water system. As REWA-Group  collaborates with a pool of specialists and has a comprehensive experience and knowledge, we can offer you the best services in terms of water technology.

During the water treatment and restoration of water bodies, we choose mehtods which restrict the introduction of nutrients in the water and for the restoration we refer to measures taken inside the lakes which affect and support the natural water ecology.

This includes:
  • Procedures in the water body, sediment or
  • Alterations made on the biocenosis
  • Deep water drain
  • Precipitation, flocculation, filtration
  • External phosphorus elimination
  • Desludging
  • Sediment conditioning / sediment covering
  • Biomanipulation

Consulting, planning and realization of water remediation, restoration of water bodies and water renaturalization.

Ecological Water purification and Water Desludging
Our sector ecological water purification and water desludging offers -  in cooperation with experts in the field of hydraulic engineering e.g. Limnologists and engineers - well-founded, competent consulting and a comprehensive range of services. Ecological Water Purification & Treatment.
Renaturalization of Flowing Waters
  • Remediation of shores, watersides and river beds
  • Desludging    
  • Earthworks
  • Special Water Retention
  • Considerate, environmentally compatible preservation of water and slope maintenance

Lake Remediation and Restoration
  • Desludging in the watercore
    E.g. with flushing and suction dredgers

Our Guiding Principle:
Be Gentle to Our Environment !

The sediment will be carefully removed and transported to the infiltration basin with the help of pipelines.

Watermaster Classic – the Intelligent Solution for Difficult Operations

Equipment Hydraulic Engineering

  • Flushing and Suction Dredgers
  • Long front excavator for water works, which are only possible from the shore
  • Watermaster Classic
  • Habermann Floating and Suction Dredgers
  • Floating Cranes
  • Diverse Earthworks Devices like e.g. Track Excavator with Equipment for Hydraulic Engineering and Pumping Technology
  • Bulldozers, Wheel Loaders, Tractors
  • Floating-Work-Pontoons
  • Sludge Pumps, Mixing Equiment
  • Amphibious Boat
  • Mobile Chamber Filter Presses and Decanters for Sludge and Sediment Dewatering
  • Weed Harvesters
  • Sieving Plant for Dredged Material

Drainage System TenCate Geotube® -  Drainage Methods for small and large Amounts of Sludge