We offer you the opportunity to analyze your Chamber Filter Press periodically.
Thereby you receive exact details and information about the current condition of your machine, possible damaging operating conditions and also signs of wear and we can also detect emerging damages.
With this thorough anylysis, our clients gain a much higher operational safety and reduce operating costs as all components stay ready for operation and downtimes can be avoided.
Measure of damages and the following repairs will be done by our experienced and qualified staff of REWA Chamber Filter Press GmbH.

Different reorganization measures lead to a significant life-time extension - these could be:
  • Overhauling the automate plate transport. The running gears will be provided with a new bracket, handle, rollers, needle roller bearings and bolts. The running gear frame will be sandblasted and provided with a double zinc-base primer and double top coating. The running gear is thus not indistinguishable from a new one, and the remediation costs are only half as high as the original price.
  • Overhauling of the drive and anchor point including a new bearing made of Carobronze.
  • ·        To perfectly balancing the occurring forces during the closing of the chamber filter press, we installing a sliding structure on the cylinder stand site (floating bearing) which is up-to-date (Pic1+2).

Before the remediation
Pic 1 (floating bearing)
Spare parts like thrust pieces, running gears, tension rods and automate plate transports are produced and delivered by us in original equipment manufacturer (OEM) quality.
We have 98% of all spare parts in stock and are immediately available.

After the remediation
Pic 2 (floating bearing)