Chamber Filter Plates

New or used filter plates made of PP (polypropylene) or iron-cast
Filter plates and framing systems in various formats and versions. Membrane filter plates, chamber filter plates and filter cloths for product filtration or solid-liquid separation with your chamber filter press.

Not only the new coating of used iron-cast plates for chamber filter presses but also their refurbishment per GEDI-Plast Fluidized bed coating method is possible in all common size.

Filter plate refurbishment or remediation of the plates in exchange
On the condition that the plates we have in stock match your plates in quality and size, you can avoid extra time consuming refurbishment work and downtime.

Increase your Chamber Filter Press capacity
If you want to add capacity to your chamber filter press, we are happy to make a fitting offer for used and per GEDI-Plast Fluidized bed coating method remediated iron-cast plates or chamber filter plates made of PP.
Chamber Filter Plates made of GGG50
Chamber filter plates made of spheroidal iron-cast are used in high pressure presses for solid-liquid separation in communities or in industrial sewage sludge dewatering processes or product drainage (e.g.: Cement, sugar, kaolin).

Your coating needs to resist pressures up to 450 bar in your machine. The outer edge is used as sealing and must therefore be smooth and uniformly coated. Because of this, REWA uses a special process.

Procedure description of the Fluidized bed coating method

1. Heating of the chamber filter press to about 300°C in a preheating furnace to crack the still existing previous coating. The flue gases produced during this process are thermally burnt and thus disposed in an environmentally safe manner.

2. Removal of the cracking old coating with the open jet method according to SA 3 (bare metal) in the style of DIN EN ISO 12044-4.  The blasting abrasive is only used once. In this way, it is guaranteed that no release agents (graphite or the like) or other impurities of the blasting abrasive are transferred on the filter plate. 

3. The chamber filter plate will then be heated up to a very high temperature to outgas the cast material. The porous cast will also be dehumidified in this process.

4. Lowering of the temperature down the needed coating temperature.

5. Coating of the chamber filter plate by the epoxy-fluidized bed sintering. The coating thickness is about. 400 µm, +/- 100 µm tolerance in the sealing surface area.

6. Electrical Test of the coating in the sealing surface area with 3000 Volt to detect porosity.

Our extensive spare part storage guaranteed rapid availability of spare parts in original equipment manufacturer (OEM) quality for chamber filter presses of almost all brands.

98% of all spare and/or wear parts are available without waiting or within 24 hours !
  • Running gears, Plate conveyance
  • Chamber Filter Plates made of Polypropylene (PP) or Cast
  • Membrane Plates and Mix Packages
  • Filtercloths
  • Hydraulic Components / Sealing Kits
  • Flocculants
  • Custom-made Spare Parts and Conversions of all Brands e.g.. Rittershaus & Blecher, Passavant, MSE, von Roll, Schenk, Kübler, Diemme, etc.
  • Production of Hydraulic Cylinders and Filter Press Frame Components is possible at any time.