Conversion works

Major important reasons for conversion works and reconstructions:
  • On time scheduled refurbishments, conversion works and reconstructions can avoid unplanned downtimes e.g. conversion works on the hydraulic systems are useful if components are not available any longer or even inadmissible.
  • Adjustments to current safety and accident prevention regulations, e.g. Replacement of inadmissible compression fittings at the hydraulic pipes ( view Pic 1 + 2 )
  • Extension of the light curtain through crowd barriers which prevent the light curtain from passing through
  • Improving the efficiency by rationalization measures (automatic filter cloth washing plant, upgrading to membrane technology). Membrane Filter Presses ensure considerably higher dry matter content when being used for different sludges.
  • Life-time extension of the plants through replacements of different parts subject to wear.

However, the appropriate need for action is in many cases not detected in time or even not at all so that originally avoidable dwontimes (e.g. Waiting time of up to 3 weeks for spare parts) might come up.

Pic 1 (cutting ring)
Filter cloth washing plant

Pic 2 (weld nipples)
Membrane Technology